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Health iPASS, Nextech, & Dermatology Groups: The Next Powerful Triad?

Posted by Allyson Howard on Aug 22, 2019 4:48:09 PM

Health ipass, Nextech, and Dermatology GroupsConsider the lowly triangle. Perhaps it’s not so ordinary after all, but in fact the most important shape of all? Throughout human history, the number three is actually kind of a big deal.  In art, in storytelling, even in architecture (I’m looking at you equilateral triangle!) things that come in threes are powerful, memorable, and more satisfying than things that come in twos, fours, or pretty much any other number. This sentiment is reflected in the Latin phrase “Omne Trium Perfectum” meaning everything that comes in threes is perfect.  Talk about a ringing endorsement from the ancients.

Famous threes are everywhere, from the Three Little Pigs to powerful phrases like “I came. I saw. I conquered.” That’s why we are excited to announce a new grouping of three that will prove to become a powerhouse to improve healthcare for the better—Nextech, dermatology groups, and Health iPASS.

How do these three work together? I’m so glad you asked. First, let’s discuss the players: Health iPASS, Nextech, and dermatology practices. If you are familiar with our blog, you probably know that Health iPASS is a software-based patient check-in and payment solution that creates better check-ins for better, more consistent revenue from patients. What you may not know is that Health iPASS has developed a high level of integration with many of the most popular practice management systems, including Nextech which focuses on supporting medical practices in the specialties of ophthalmology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, and (you guessed it) dermatology.  

Dermatology groups are historically pretty good at collecting patient payments compared to other specialties. One reason for this may be that, according to the 2018 Medscape Dermatologist Compensation Report,  98% of dermatologists discuss the cost of treatment with patients upfront. However, many dermatologists could still use help reducing paperwork and administrative tasks, especially considering that bureaucratic responsibilities  are the number one cause of physician burnout among dermatologists. That’s where the EMR and patient engagement aspects of Nextech combine with the revenue-boosting strength of Health iPASS to deliver the one-two punch dermatology practices need to streamline workflows and automate the many back-end tasks that create such an overwhelming administrative burden.

Health iPASS will enable Nextech users across the country to improve revenue cycle performance, lower the cost to collect, enhance the patient experience, and enable dermatology practices to work better, not harder.  Now that Health iPASS is a Nextech Connected Solution partner, we anticipate that together we can become the next great example of a trio that is stronger, more powerful, and ultimately provides a more satisfying experience to staff and patients alike.  

Find out more about how Nextech and Health iPASS can help your practice by reading the press release announcing our partnership!


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