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Why Your Practice Needs a Patient Self-Scheduling Tool

Cost Estimates On-Demand: Introducing the TrueCost Calculator

Switching Your EMR/EHR System? Health iPASS Can Help!

Why I Joined Health iPASS: Introducing Amanda Comer

Introducing Bryan Rowley: Why I Joined Health iPASS

Dermatologists as Telemedicine Pioneers

Why Providers Need Our New Payment Capabilites

Announcement: Sphere & Health iPASS Are Joining Forces!

The Scary Truth Behind the Healthcare Administrative Burden

Announcing Our Strategic Partnership With Fifth Third Bank

Insurance Verification, Simplified With VerifAI!

Health iPASS Featured In New Healthcare Payments Industry Research

Thriving in Hardship The Health iPASS Way

Telehealth is the Future. Here's How Health iPASS Can Help.

Top Five Things Your Patients Hate About Your Check-In Process

You Asked, Health iPASS Answered: Rapid COVID-19 Communications

Planning to Reopen Your Practice? 4 Steps for a Triumphant Return

During This COVID-19 Crisis, We Applaud the Helpers

Learn the Secrets of Financially Healthy Practices at The MGMA Financial Conference Booth #403

Health iPASS Will Be At The Exscribe 2020 User Meeting!

Health iPASS Patient Pre-Check Introduces Quickforms!

Let’s Get it Started! Healthcare Disruption and Innovation at #JPM2020

Sick of Payment Processor Charges and Hidden Fees? Announcing HiPPAY!

Deductible Resets Are Coming In January to Freeze Up Your Operating Income: Are You Prepared?

Spreading the Word on the Conference Circuit About Zero Patient A/R, Guaranteed

New Health iPASS Product Reveal at MGMA 2019

Bad Debt and Aged A/R: Symptoms of Financial Infection

Health iPASS, Nextech, & Dermatology Groups: The Next Powerful Triad?

2019 Health iPASS User Group Meeting Recap #UGM19

Health iPASS First Annual User Group Meeting August 8-9: You've Just Got to Be There!

Health iPASS Welcomes Our Summer Interns!

Top 3 Revenue Cycle Issues for Orthopedic Practices

Health iPASS Makes it Easy to Change with Deep Practice Management System Integration

Health iPASS Now Available in athenahealth’s Marketplace!

Working Together to Accelerate Patient Payments: Health iPASS Partners with POS

Heard the Buzz About VC Funding and its Impact on the Revenue Cycle in Healthcare But Want to Know More? Listen to Our Latest Podcast Episode!

Looking to Accelerate Patient Payment Collections? Check In With Health iPASS at MGMA Operations and AOAO Conferences

Gain a New Perspective on Patient Revenue Cycle Issues at AMGA 2019 Booth #1901

Why Clients Love Our Performance-Based Contract Reimbursement Model

Patient Payment Automation is a Manifestation of a Healthcare Culture Shift

Need a Strategy to Collect More Patient Payments? Download Our New Card-On-File Whitepaper!

Don’t Just Roll the Dice When it Comes to Collecting Patient Payments! Visit Us at #MGMA2019FC Booth #208 to Beat the Odds!

28 States Have Enacted Healthcare Price Transparency Legislation. It’s Time to Do Better!

Visit Health iPASS (Booth #28) and See a Demo of our Patient Revenue Cycle Solution  at the Association of Dermatology Administrators and Managers (ADAM) Conference this Week

Looking for Ways to Optimize Patient Payments Post-Visit? Check Out Our New Video!

Top Three Patient Payment Objections to Keeping a Card-on-File, and How to Change Their Minds

Decoding the Alphabet Soup of Healthcare Regulatory Compliance: Take Our New Facebook Quiz to Test Your Knowledge, and Be Entered to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Health iPASS Re-releases Updated Version of “Top 10 Best Practices to Accelerate Patient Payments” Whitepaper

Health iPASS - Healthcare Information Services Partnership Bodes Well for Orthopedic Medical Practice Revenue Cycle Management

Health iPASS CEO and Founder Rajesh Voddiraju ADAM Webinar Guest to Discuss Patient Revenue Cycle in Healthcare

eHealth Radio Network Podcast Features Health iPASS CEO and Founder Rajesh Voddiraju Discussing 2019 Expected Changes in Patient Revenue Cycle

Patient Payment Webinar Now Available! Getting Paid from Patients in 2019: What Works, What Doesn’t and Why Status Quo is No Longer an Option

Patient Payments Crystal Ball with Rajesh Voddiraju: Predictions for 2019

Want to Educate Yourself on Improving Your Patient Revenue Cycle? Health iPASS Podcast and Webinars Now Instantly Accessible!

Top Three Patient Revenue Cycle Misconceptions—And a Winner of Our Facebook Quiz Giveaway!

Health iPASS Hosting a Patient Revenue Cycle State of the Union Panel Webinar Tomorrow, 12/13!

Through Matter, Health iPASS Spreading Vision About Revenue Cycle Management

Patient Revenue Cycle and The Value of Real-Time Auto-Posting

Register For Our December 13th Webinar to Future-Proof your Revenue Cycle in 2019!

Health iPASS Raises $10 Million Series A Funding on its Quest to Guarantee Patient Payments

Health iPASS Feature Spotlight: What Happens After the Patient Leaves the Office?

Test Your Knowledge of the Patient Revenue Cycle with Our New Facebook Quiz, and Be Entered to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

How to Get Patients to Use Portals

Webinar Recording Now Available! Accelerating Patient Revenue Performance Through Automation with Kate Cullip of Colorado Allergy & Asthma Centers

“Go All In” On a Patient Payment Solution at the Bones of PA Conference. Visit Us at Booth #17!

Find Out How to Optimize Patient Payments as Elective Procedure Season Approaches at the Midwest AAOE Fall Meeting

Health iPASS Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Patient Engagement, Patient Revenue Cycle Solutions, and Payment Guarantees - Takeaways from MGMA 2018

Webinar Today! Accelerating Patient Revenue Performance Through Automation with Special Guest Kate Cullip from Colorado Allergy & Asthma Centers

Optimize Patient Payments and Join the 97% Residual Balance Collection Club With Health iPASS!

Learn the Secrets of Achieving 97% Patient Collections, How to  Optimize Patient Payments and Much More at MGMA 2018, Booth #2438

IBJI Chooses Health iPASS to Help Optimize Patient Payments and Promote Price Transparency

Curious on How to Improve Patient Collections at Your Practice? Attend Our Webinar September  27th!

Jazz Up Your Revenue Cycle With the Right Patient Payment Solution at the AOA-36 Conference!

Boosting Patient Payments Through Increased Price Transparency

True Symbiosis: Health iPASS Announces Strategic Partnership with DoctorConnect

Patient Revenue Cycle Crystal Ball with Rajesh Voddiraju: AI and Machine Learning Are Shaping the Future of Healthcare Finance

Health iPASS Announces Our Nomination for the 2018 Chicago Innovation Awards

It’s Nearly Elective Procedure Season!  Better Upgrade Your Patient Revenue Cycle Technology

Introducing the Health iPASS Cash Flow Calculator: Our New Revenue Cycle Tool Evaluates Your Performance Against Industry Benchmarks

Paperless Billing Helps You “Get More Green” with Our Patient Revenue Cycle Management Solution

Patient Revenue Cycle Solutions on the Horizon at the 2018 Indiana MGMA Conference

Healthcare Price Transparency and Patient Payment Convenience on Full Display at 2018 IL MGMA

Millennials as Employees: It's All About the Tech, Baby!

Health iPASS Named one of the "20 Most Promising Technology Companies" in 2018

Finding Your Patient Revenue Cycle Oasis: Optimizing Dermatology Payment Models

Rhode Island Latest State to Enact Healthcare Price Transparency Legislation

Transforming Your Practice with Patient Revenue Cycle Technology

Cultivating Your Online Reputation to Boost Patient Retention

Join Us at C-Bones 2018 for a Weekend of Patient Revenue Cycle Management Discovery!

Visit Us in Booth #9 at the Utah MGMA Conference and Learn How to Promote Price Transparency and Improve Patient Net Collection Rates

Are Inefficient Patient Revenue Cycle Practices and A Lack of Price Transparency Damaging Everyone's Health?

Peeling Back the Flawed Exterior of the Healthcare Industry with Health iPASS Founder and CEO Rajesh Voddiraju on MedCity News

See a Demo of the Health iPASS Patient Revenue Cycle Solution at NE MGMA this Week!

The Top 4 Takeaways from the #AAOE2018 Conference

Crain's Chicago Business Interviews Health iPASS Founder & CEO  RajeshVoddiraju

Is Improving Your Revenue Cycle the Secret to Patient Retention?

Health iPASS Announces Our Rebranding Just in Time for Spring

Let Us Explain How to Future-Proof Patient Net Collections at the #AAOE2018 Conference!

Encouraging Front Office Staff to Embrace Patient Revenue Cycle Tools: A Three-Step Approach

New Podcast: Unraveling the Mystery of how to Optimize Patient Net Collections in Healthcare

Want Engaged Asthma Patients and Caregivers? Make it Easy for them to Understand the Cost of Care

The Millennials are Coming - How Will Your Practice Adapt to their Patient Revenue Cycle Needs?

Disruptive Innovation in the Patient Revenue Cycle

Health iPASS Welcomes Imran Ahmad and Ryan Navratil to Leadership team

Why Current Revenue Cycle Tools are Insufficient to Address Patient as a Payer

Attending 2018 AMGA Conference? Stop by Booth #705 for Answers on how to Improve Patient Revenue Cycle

Top 5 Tips to Improve Patient Revenue Cycle in Dermatology Practices

Welcome Sudhakar Ramakrishna to the Health iPASS Board of Directors

Visit Health iPASS in Booth #27 at MGMA18 Financial Conference to Improve your Patient Revenue Cycle Management

Frost-Arnett CEO Offers Insight on Strategic Partnership to Improve Patient Net Collection Rates

Visit HealthiPASS and See a Demo at the ADAM Annual Dermatology Administrator Meeting

Health iPASS to Co-Present Webinar on Decreasing Workloads and Increasing Revenue for Medical Practices

The 2018 HealthiPASS Social Responsibility project 

Health iPASS and Frost-Arnett Partner to Expand Adoption of Patient Payment Solution

Opening the Financial Black Box in Healthcare

Health iPASS Named a "Startup to Watch" by Built In Chicago

Expect to See More Healthcare Price Transparency in 2018

4 Ways to Increase Patient Revenue Collection in 2018

Health iPASS CEO Rajesh Voddiraju interviewed on tastytrade financial network

HealthiPASS secures $7.2M Series A to transform patient payments

4 Pain Points of Managing the Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Satisfied with your Practice revenues? This may surprise you

Technology that Improves Patient Payments beyond Existing Merchant Fees

How HealthiPASS Works with Third-Party Medical Billing Companies

How HealthiPASS Differs from Competitors

Utah Has Changed The Law With Patient Debt Collections. Is Your Practice Ready?

5 Ways To Help Healthcare Patients Avoid Medical Debt

7 Simple Strategies for Improving Patient Collections

Why Healthcare Consumerism Is Changing Medical Check-Ins

Medical Billing Resolutions for 2017

Why Healthcare Technology is Poised for a Huge Year

How a Patient Payment Collection System Impacts Consumer Confidence

3 Ways Patients Pay Medical Bills Differently Than They Want To Pay

December 14 Webinar Provides Insight on Collecting More in 2017

Why we're thankful for patient self-pay technology

What we learned at MGMA 2016

Key Insights from Healthcare Patient Satisfaction Surveys

The Financial Advantages of Satisfying Patients

Changes to Make Kiosks More Administrator Friendly

What Consumers Want When Making Healthcare Payments

Eight Elements of a Software Solution That Meets Patient Needs

Consumer Deductibles Reset in January: What This Means For Your Practice

How Payment Collection Flexibility Boosts Patient Yield

Join Us For A 9-29 Webinar That'll Change How You Think About Patient Payments

Why You Can't Afford to Wait on Collecting Medical Bills

How to Adjust Collection Strategies to High Deductible Health Insurance Plans

The Advantages of Online Payment Collection

7 Factors That Will Optimize Your Medical Billing Process

How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of your Patient Collection Process

Patient collection pitfalls that lose loyal patients

How to Leverage Consumerism to Stand Out in Healthcare

HDHPs Could Actually Benefit Some Practices - Here's How

What Every Patient Payment Portal Should Have

Ask These 3 Questions to Strengthen Your Patient Collection Strategy

4 Ways to Make Your Billing Process Patient-Friendly

Why providers need to enable patients to pay

The Most Important Word in the Patient Payment Process

Reports: Patient Financial Responsibility Increased In 2015

QUIZ: Do You Know The Numbers Behind Patient Payments?

Four Keys to Collecting in the Age of Patient Consumerism

Are Patients Willing to Pay Out-Of-Pocket Healthcare Costs?

John Oliver Segment on Debt Shows Importance of Collecting Early

Reducing the Expenses of Claim Denial Management Through Automation

High Deductible Healthcare Plans Aren't Going Anywhere in 2017

3 Things You Must Do To Increase Patient Payments At the Time of Service

Patient Payment Systems Necessary To Break the Patient Bad Debt Cycle

Patient Check In Kiosk: The Answer To The Broken Patient Payments Cycle

The 3 Must-Have Tools For Patient Payments In a New Health Economy

3 Ways To Embrace Consumer Demand For Price Transparency in Healthcare


3 Cutting Edge Cost Benefits of Patient Check In Kiosks

How To Create Accountability in Patient Payments [SlideShare]

How eCommerce Has Reshaped Patient Billing For Good

[SlideShare] Steps To Guarantee Patient Payments In 2016

Empowering the Patient With Self-Service Patient Technology

How To Empower Patients To Make Payments Online

3 Changes That Deliver a Greater Patient Experience

Visit Us At The 2016 AAOS Annual Meeting & Witness The HealthiPASS Solution

Are Mobile Apps A Part Of Your Patient Retention Strategies?

Orthopedic Group Achieves Patient Net Collection Rates of 96% With HealthiPASS

Revolutionize The Waiting Room With Patient Check In Kiosks

Do Patients value mobile healthcare technology?

How To Effectively Manage the Growing Patient Portion of Revenue

[Quiz] Is Your Patient Collection Strategy Designed To Fail?

3 Ways To Really Hurt Your Patient Retention Strategies in 2016

Dissecting Healthcare Consumerism in 2016 To Meet Patient Expectations

4 Tech Tips To Maximize Patient Payments At the Beginning of the Year

5 Simple Ways To Empower Patients To Make Upfront Payments

Patient Check-In Kiosks: Technology & Methodology To Engage Patients

4 Positive Ways Patient Consumerism Impacts Your Operations

3 Innovations in Patient Check-In Technology

How The Healthcare Consumer Affects Your Practice Operations

What Patients Really Think of Patient Eligibility Verification

6 Ways To Incentivize Patients To Use Your Patient Check-In Kiosk

5 Benefits to Using Patient Check In Kiosks

Revenue Cycle Benefits of Securing Point Of Service Patient Payments

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