"The New Vitals" - How to Improve Medical Practice Patient Revenue Cycle Management

eBook (Cover)

Improving Your Patient Revenue Cycle Begins With Understanding The New "Vitals"

Seeking wisdom to understand how the patient revenue cycle in healthcare is changing and what new tools and strategies are needed to address the rising trend of patient as a payer? This eBook covers:

  • Why the rise of patient as a payer means patient revenue cycle status quo is no longer a sufficient strategy 
  • Understanding the new "vitals" of patient revenue cycle management to optimize patient net collections
  • An examination of the math behind the new vitals of patient revenue cycle management

Healthcare revenue cycle management is evolving placing a higher importance on tracking metrics that provide the most complete picture of financial health.

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eBook Excerpt 

"The key lies in understanding the new vitals of patient revenue cycle management and their relationship to patient yield. Closely examining patient yield
offers an opportunity to see a more complete portrait of your patient revenue cycle – a more focused look at the “big picture” helps medical practices better evaluate what is working vs. what isn’t so they can make smarter decisions on where additional investment in necessary resources should be to make improvements."


Rajesh Voddiraju

Founder and CEO

We hope that you find this eBook a practical resource to help you improve patient net collection rates at your medical practice. As pioneers in improving patient revenue cycle optimization, we understand that the rise of patient as a payer necessitates a fresh strategy and approach to streamlining both time-of-service and residual balance payments through an innovative approach. We hope that you enjoy this extremely informational eBook!