Podcast:  Training and Implementation with Paul Prikazsky


Listen to our podcast with Health iPASS Director of Client Success Paul Prikazsky!

We are proud to present the inaugural Health iPASS podcast! We had the pleasure of sitting down with Health iPASS Director of Client Success Paul Prikasky to discuss:

  • What role the Client Success team fulfills at Health iPASS and how they fit into the overall company framework
  • Health iPASS implementation and training: What resources are needed? Which practice staff are most commonly involved in the process? How long does implementation and training take?
  • Post-implementation of Health iPASS: What level of support can our clients expect?
  • How much does Health iPASS charge for training and implementation?
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About Paul Prikazsky:

Paul is responsible for ensuring that the Client Success team understands the practice's existing workflow and revenue cycle challenges so that Health iPASS is optimally configured to support the practice and their patient population.


Rajesh Voddiraju

Founder and CEO

We were proud to offer these new podcasts to help understand more about who we are and how we help you to redefine your patient revenue cycle. Our first podcast in this new series takes a closer look at the Health iPASS implementation and training process and how we help to not only get you up to speed on how Health iPASS works, but also optimize our technology to achieve the highest patient collection rates possible! Hope that you will find this podcast on the Health iPASS training, implementation, and optimization process educational!