Podcast:  Venture Capital (VC) Funding in Healthcare

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The current state and impact of VC funding in healthcare with Health iPASS COO Imran Ahmad

Venture capital firms provide funding to startups judged to have potential to disrupt existing industries in exchange for ownership and some control over strategy and operations. Since more than $41.5 billion has been invested in digital health this decade, we thought it would be appropriate to tap into our resident VC expert and Health iPASS COO Imran Ahmad to ask him more about the impact of VC funding in healthcare. Topics discovered include:

  • A brief overview of Imran's background and how he became Health iPASS COO
  • How startups apply for and receive VC funding
  • Health iPASS value propositions that make it attractive to potential investors
  • Who is the Health iPASS Board of Directors and what fiduciary oversight do they provide?
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About Imran Ahmad:

Imran brings over ten years of experience financing, investing, and founding early stage technology and middle market companies. He is the Chief Operating Officer of Health iPASS, overseeing all day-to-day operations and managing the HiP team.


Rajesh Voddiraju

Founder and CEO

We were proud to offer these new podcasts to help understand more about who we are and how we help you to redefine your patient revenue cycle. Our second podcast in this new series explores the surge of venture capital funding in healthcare and it's impact on the industry including insight on the value that Health iPASS offers to existing and potential investors. Hope that you will find this podcast on how venture capital impacts the healthcare industry helpful and informative!