Discover 10 Ways to Increase
Patient Net Collections (revised January 2019)

Revised Top 10 Whitepaper Cover Page

The patient portion of healthcare billing is now the fastest growing segment of medial practice revenue, fueled by the fast rise of high deductible health plans.

Here is a preview of patient revenue cycle best practices you will learn in the white paper "The Top 10 Best Practices to Accelerate Patient Payments":

  • Secure upfront payment assurance by implementing a patient revenue cycle solution
  • Simplify appointment scheduling and patient communications
  • Rethink the patient experience: offer convenience and price transparency for patient responsible payments

White paper excerpt 

"Providers are left on their own to ensure they get paid from their patients that have high deductibles and payers have no role to play in influencing patients to make due payments to their providers, other than simply adjudicating the claims and making the determination after about 30 days from the claim submission! Therefore, in the current circumstances, providers cannot simply ignore the reality and cannot continue to operate in the old patient revenue cycle paradigm. The age old techniques and the status quo process have all proven to be inadequate in responding to a newer system of changes, only occurring at a faster pace than we all think."

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Rajesh Voddiraju

Founder and CEO

We hope that you find this white paper helpful to offer 10 practical tips you can immediately implement to improve the patient revenue cycle in your practice. Medical providers must recognize that they will see more of their operating revenue coming from patient out-of-pocket and must adapt their strategies, processes, and systems while delivering an outstanding patient experience.