Secrets Revealed - How to Join the 97% Patient Collections Club

Infographic (Cover)

The rise of patient-as-a-payer has created a cascading series of medical practice revenue cycle management (RCM) issues, ultimately leading to an inability to collect patient payment for services rendered.


  • The shifting payer mix necessitates new approaches to patient revenue collection
  • Rising out-of-pocket expenses and the increasing difficulty to collect patient payments is a serious problem with potentially devastating consequences
  • How and why automating your patient revenue cycle with strategies such as card-on-file (COF) to pay for residual balances is a smart solution including ROI proof from Health iPASS partners

Download the visual guide and read the proof to learn why patient revenue cycle automation is the smart solution to optimize your operating income.

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Rajesh Voddiraju

Founder and CEO

Did you know that Health iPASS medical practice partners realize a 97% average collection rate for patients who checked in through our iPad kiosk? This infographic is an excellent visual resource to not only set the stage for why a medical practice should be thinking about patient revenue cycle automation, but provides practical and actionable tips on how to do it and what results you can expect to see.  Want to take a test drive of Health iPASS? Click here and schedule a demo.