Find out how Texas Dermatology (Nextech User) was able to increase time-of-service payments by 266% with Health iPASS.

Texas Derm Image

Download this case study for more information on how Texas Dermatology was able to achieve an impressive ROI including the following: 

  • An additional 40K collected in the first month after Health iPASS activation
  • 60% Patient opt-in for payment assurance
  • A 50% rise in patient adoption rates in the first eight months
  • A significant decrease in claim denials due to inaccurate patient demographic information

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Case Study Excerpt

“Working with the Health iPASS team to build transparency around patient payment responsibility and being able to provide a cost breakdown by CPT code to patients when they check out has been immensely valuable to our staff and patients. Most importantly, my favorite part has been collecting payments from patients through the auto-debit feature of HIP for payments that were missed in office.”