Learn how Carolina Allergy & Asthma (CAAC) reduced 91+ aged accounts receivable (A/R) by 26% in the first year of using Health iPASS!

CAAC Case Study Cover Page

Learn how CAAC significantly reduced A/R, aged A/R, and the cost of collections using Health iPASS!

Download this case study to learn:

  • How CAAC accelerated patient payments, reduced patient statement volume, and cut costs by 30% year over year
  • How CAAC reduced paper statement volume and costs by 38%
  • Why patients were delighted that CAAC made an investment in the Health iPASS patient revenue cycle solution

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Case Study Excerpt 

"Patient satisfaction also improved because of implementing Health iPASS. Since patient insurance plans are verified instantly, it is now much easier for staff to prepare and upload estimates for allergy test patients. For patients with higher deductible plans, clinical staff can provide an accurate cost estimate based on the number of skin prick tests ordered."


Rajesh Voddiraju

Founder and CEO

We hope that you find this case study helpful on how Carolina Allergy & Asthma (CAAC) was able to increase patient net collection rates and improve operating income by implementing Health iPASS. Patients are now greeted with a high tech first impression when they visit CAAC, demonstrating a more sophisticated and transparent revenue collection system that shows them the practice truly cares about improving their experience!