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7 Simple Strategies for Improving Patient Collections

Posted by HealthiPASS on Jan 17, 2017 9:20:00 AM

As a healthcare professional, you want to deliver the very best care and experiences to your patients, but you also need to do right by your business. If you haven't set your practice up for success by employing patient collection best practices, your revenue cycle management (RCM) processes are likely forcing you to lose out on essential income.

If you're trying to improve patient collections in your medical organization, take a look at these seven simple strategies:

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Why Healthcare Consumerism Is Changing Medical Check-Ins

Posted by HealthiPASS on Jan 12, 2017 9:40:00 AM

Today's healthcare consumerism focuses far more on patient control in their treatment and medical decisions.. There are a number of reasons for the shift from patient to consumer, from the reforms to bring about more value-driven care to the fact that patients today are paying far more out of pocket. While you can discuss the reasons behind these changes infinitum, the current overwhelming data shows that organizations that thrive have changed their protocol to a more consumer centric approach. The patient check-in protocols represent simple initiatives your organization can institute which make a tremendous difference in consumer satisfaction.

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How a Patient Payment Collection System Impacts Consumer Confidence

Posted by HealthiPASS on Dec 16, 2016 12:13:41 PM

An effective patient payment collection system is a necessity for your healthcare organization's revenue cycle management. There's no question that the current trend in healthcare means that patients are paying a higher percentage of their own costs. For healthcare organizations and small practices, this means that the financial solvency of the organization relies on patient payments. In the past, these models often focused far more on payment through insurance and government funding. Securing patient payments isn't just about the financial bottom line. It also impacts healthcare consumer confidence.

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Eight Elements of a Software Solution That Meets Patient Needs

Posted by HealthiPASS on Oct 13, 2016 2:21:21 PM

Since the healthcare field is constantly evolving, it can be challenging to develop solutions that enable you to operate your practice more efficiently and provide a positive customer service experience for patients. Patients are making more decisions about their care than ever before. Providers need to incorporate best practices that encourage patients to partner with them in taking responsibility for their health. With an increasing emphasis on person-centered care, high-quality software should facilitate patient engagement. Patients who take an active role in their care have higher rates of recovery.  

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Consumer Deductibles Reset in January: What This Means For Your Practice

Posted by HealthiPASS on Oct 10, 2016 9:22:00 AM

As the effects of the ACA continue to ripple through the world of medical care, providers have seen their first quarter revenue cycle fall into disarray in recent years. Because patient deductibles reset in January, they'll face a use-it-or-lose it situation from now until the end of the year. Further, many deductibles have risen to levels many patients will find difficult to bear financially. Coupled with higher deductibles will be higher co-pays and possibly severe reductions in coverage for those whose insurance comes through an employer. What does all this mean for your practice?

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Join Us For A 9-29 Webinar That'll Change How You Think About Patient Payments

Posted by HealthiPASS on Sep 27, 2016 10:57:55 AM

In the new healthcare economy, you can't afford to treat patient payments as an afterthought. With healthcare consumerism on the rise, those who don't optimize for self-pay payments will be left behind. David W. Johnson, author of Market vs. Medicine, joins us on Thursday,September 29 at 1 Eastern/12 Central to share his takeaways as a thought leader in healthcare market changes.


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How to Adjust Collection Strategies to High Deductible Health Insurance Plans

Posted by HealthiPASS on Sep 19, 2016 8:39:10 AM

High deductible health insurance plans, or HDHPs, have become increasingly popular over the past decade.  While many consumers search for ways to save some tax dollars and cover their regular monthly expenses with healthcare that tends to cost less per paycheck, healthcare providers have been forced to explore creative new ways to collect payment from their HDHP patients.  Popularity has grown so much, in fact, that the CDC reported, "In the first 3 months of 2013, 32.5% of persons under age 65 with private health insurance at the time of interview were enrolled in a high deductible health plan (HDHP)."  In other words, you may be missing the mark on one-third of your revenue if your collection strategies don't align with the special circumstances that often surround high deductible health care plans.

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How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of your Patient Collection Process

Posted by HealthiPASS on Aug 26, 2016 1:51:34 PM

The financial health of a medical practice is every bit as important as the health of its patients. The financial managers of large practices, charged with ensuring profitability, have their work cut out for them. Between third-party payers, patient co-pays, deductibles and self-pay, conquering the revenue cycle requires focus and dedication if a practice is going to thrive. To ensure the business maintains the highest cash flow possible, periodic evaluations of patient collections will help uncover any disorganization infecting the process that results in more work for less return. 

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How to Leverage Consumerism to Stand Out in Healthcare

Posted by HealthiPASS on Aug 17, 2016 7:30:00 AM

Consumerism doesn’t have to be a pain point in medical revenue cycle management. Sure, the changes to the payment collection process impact collections strategies. But there’s a chance for nimble practices to adapt and end up in great shape. Last week we detailed how HDHPs could actually help some providers, and the same thought process applies to consumerism as a whole.

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HDHPs Could Actually Benefit Some Practices - Here's How

Posted by HealthiPASS on Aug 11, 2016 9:00:00 AM

High Deductible Healthcare Plans (HDHPs) make many in medical billing uncomfortable, because they shake up the ways in which those in healthcare get paid. Many see the plans as a negative challenge, or a hurdle to overcome.

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